4 Fun & Easy Meals to Make While Camping

When planning a trip to an outdoor resort or a campground, meal prep could be one of your main concerns. You can always prepare meals from scratch, but it can be stressful to spend too much time over the stove pod when other family members are having fun doing various resort activities. Whether you’re staying in glamping pods at Mystic Quarry in San Antonio, or pitching a tent in Canyon Lake campgrounds, here are some ideas on quick and easy recipes to prepare when you go camping. 


French Toast

French toast is not only easy to prepare in the morning, but it’s also perfect for camping. You can prepare your French toast on a skillet over your camping stove. Alternatively, you can mix the bread and other ingredients, wrap it in foil, and place it over the campfire for about 40 minutes.  


Corn Cobs

Corn is one of the easiest foods to prepare when you’re out camping. It takes about 10 minutes to grill a corn cob, and when it’s ready, you can season your grilled corn with salt, pepper, and butter for added flavor. 


Mac & Cheese

Having macaroni and cheese when you’re out camping is possible, but you have to cook the pasta in advance. Mix cooked pasta with the sauce and top it with cheese. You may have to store this pre-cooked meal in aluminum tins like this recipe and cover it in foil to make cooking easier. When kept cold enough, this should last for about three days.  



Tacos can be a satisfying and filling dinner whether you’re at home or the campgrounds. If you’re up for taco dinners while camping, you have to pre-cook the meat at home before your camping trip. You also prepare vegetables ahead, if you prefer. When you have everything ready, you can store the meat in the ice chest and reheat it when it’s time to assemble your taco.

When you have the whole gang or family at a campground, you can reduce meal prep times by planning meals ahead of time. If you can, pre-cook some meals at home. You can also ask about existing facilities at the campgrounds, so you know what to expect. If you want modern amenities while enjoying your stay outdoors, book your stay with Mystic Quarry in San Antonio where you can also glamp in tiny homes so you won’t have to haul too many additional items during your trip.