5 Must-Have Camping Items to Bring On Your Next Trip

America loves camping in summer. Many campgrounds are fully booked during summer holiday weekends, and many are busy even on weekdays. Like any other trip, you have to pack smart for camping trips. Even when you’re bound for a place like Mystic Quarry in San Antonio, where you can access business features like Wifi and a conference meeting room, it pays to properly prepare. 


Wet Wipes

Carrying wet wipes for any trip can be a lifesaver, more so when you’re out camping. Whether you’re bringing kids or not, wet wipes can help with quick clean-ups, among other things. You can find many uses for wet wipes whether you’re camping, glamping, or simply going on a hike. 


Trash Bags

Keeping the campgrounds clean is a rule that all campers should follow. Even if there are trash cans on-site, it’s more convenient to gather and manage all your waste when you have trash bags. Some campsites also have a carry-in/carry-out waste policy, so having trash bags makes it more convenient to bring out the trash when you leave. 


Spare Batteries

Even if you’re in a glamping pod, exploring nature at night means taking out lanterns and flashlights. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries for these items. If you have to stay connected with the world while you’re on a trip, bring a power bank for your phone just in case you can’t find a place to recharge your device. 


Duct Tape

A roll of duct tape should be in every camper’s gear. You can fix many problems with duct tape, so always make sure you have a new roll of duct tape before heading out. Duct tape can help you mend a tear, fix a hole, or attach broken items like the leg of a chair. 


Clothesline, Dishwashing Tubs, and Soap

Camping could mean washing dishes, clothes, and towels. You have to pack light during a camping trip, so you have to wash your clothes and dishes to save space. Be sure to bring soap for bathing, laundry, and washing dishes.  

Camping is a popular pastime in America. Over the years, camping pods and glamorous camping destinations made it more convenient to experience nature. However, you still have to pack your bags before each tip. Don’t forget to check your destination beforehand and book a camping trip in San Antonio with Mystic Quarry if you’re looking for a place with dog-friendly cabins, glamorous pods, and modern amenities.