A Guide to Bachelorette Camping

It’s springtime and the wedding season is fast approaching. Are you thinking about planning the ultimate bachelorette party? No matter what time of year, whether you’re the bride and planning it yourself, or you’re the bestie and have the honors, if y’all love the outdoors, why not consider a glamping trip for your epic bachelorette party?


Glamping is a wonderful mix of modern and rustic living, but it’s not for everyone, especially if one or more in your bridal party have never camped before. They may be reticent to embrace the idea, but you can ease their worries with a fantastic list of amenities sure to pamper even the most discerning of women.


In the end, it’s all about the bride and making her feel special, as well as celebrating your friendships.


Choose Your Campground Wisely

This can be tricky, and probably the most challenging part of your bachelorette party planning. But it doesn’t have to be too tough! In fact, Mystic Quarry has glamping lodges, tipis and tents to make your getaway special.


You want the party to go on throughout your stay, so here are a few things to keep in mind when reserving a spot:

  • Check-in. Plan to arrive by check-in time, or arrange for an early (if available) or late check-in.
  • Check-out. It will be hard to leave, but when your trip comes to an end, be sure that everyone is packed and ready to go by check-out time. This will save you from furiously packing up last-minute.
  • Quiet hours. Every campground has quiet hours but may have different times, so be sure to find out when quiet hours are at the campground. If you do want to party well into the night and are concerned about making too much noise, consider renting out space at a nearby bar, restaurant, or event space.


The idea is to pick a campground with glamping amenities that best fit your group, and above all, the bride would appreciate!


Prepare an Itinerary

You can have a set schedule but don’t worry about planning every minute. You want to leave some room for the spontaneous.


  • Set up. One great thing you can do is have a couple of the bridesmaids get there early to decorate the glamping space for the bride. Throw up some twinkle lights, banners, balloons, etc. to transform the campsite into a bridal oasis.
  • Plan one main event. The camping trip is an experience in itself, but plan one big activity to mark the occasion. This can be anything; ziplining, tubing down the river, or a big fancy meal.
  • Plan for downtime. Choose one day where just doing nothing is the order of the day. Read a book, take a walk, meditate, whatever you do to relax and unwind. This can be done alone or with the other gals.
  • Don’t forget to clean up. Just before you’re ready to check out, make it a cleaning party. Make some drinks and spruce the place up in anticipation of heading back to civilization.


Prepare a Menu

Sure, you’ll want to have one or more meals out at a restaurant, but part of the experience of glamping is making your own meals. Here are a few tips:

  • Coffee/tea is important! French press or pour-overs are easy to make on the go. Bring all the breakfast fixins’ – pancake mix, bacon, eggs, yogurt…you know the drill!
  • S’mores and desserts. This is your opportunity to do s’mores the fancy way! Buy top-notch gourmet chocolate, and elevate this classic camp treat with strawberries, chocolate-covered caramels, or other delectable add-ons.
  • Get creative. Just because you’re glamping does not mean you need to give up fancy foods. Try these easy camping recipes you can all make together.


Don’t Forget the Bachelorette Games!

If the bride-to-be loves games, this should be a no-brainer to include. Try to think of a game that embodies the personality of the bride. There are a million ideas on the internet about bridal games. But for glamping? Those are a little harder to come by. Here are a couple of ideas.


  • Games by the fire. The crackling fire provides the perfect setting for some intriguing games. Think ‘never have I ever,’ or ‘truth or dare,’ or ’20 questions.’ And don’t forget the party favors!
  • Board games. The ultimate glamping pastime. If your group is into these, bring a few, or better yet, have each bridesmaid bring one or two board games they love.
  • Scavenger hunt. This can create an unforgettable adventure. Hide some fun prizes in and around the glamping site, or leave little notes everywhere for them to find and complete silly tasks. Get creative.


The point is to bond with your group, have some great conversation, and have some great laughs!