Best Tips for Tubing on the River

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure and some fresh air, tubing down a river is the perfect pastime. Whether you’re joining in with other people or going solo, here are some top tips on floating down the river on your tube of fun. Before embarking on your tube adventure, be sure to know these important safety measures.

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Wear Floatable Sunglasses

A pair of floatable sunglasses is essential for your tubing adventure, particularly when the water gets cold. Not only will these keep your eyes safe while tubing downriver, but they’re easy to put on while you’re having fun! Having a pair with a sunglass strap you can hang around your neck will also prevent you from losing them in the water.


Bring Food

Food is the most essential aspect of any river tubing trip. Make sure you bring enough snacks, drinks, and a cooler to store everything in. Plus, don’t forget to pack some extra layers of clothing just in case it gets cold during your adventure.


Have a Waterproof Case for Your Phone (or Leave It at Camp)

Waterproof cases for cell phones are invaluable when tubing. Not only will this protect them from damage that could occur while floating, but they’re also handy to have while enjoying the river life. With one on hand, make sure your device stays dry!

You could opt to leave your phone at home and bring along a waterproof speaker instead. This way, you can relive all your favorite songs while keeping the party going while out on the river.


Rope to Tie Your Tube Together

A sturdy rope is your go-to when planning a group tube trip. Not only can it tie tubes together, secure equipment or attach one to the roof for transporting, but rope also works great to secure coolers while floating so everyone has access to drinks.


Take Along Some Foam Footballs or Squirt Guns

Throwing around foam footballs or squirt guns is an enjoyable way to pass the time while on a float. Not only do the toys distract you from being in the middle of the river, but they can also help cool you off during hot weather.


Jello Shots

To ensure an unforgettable tubing trip, the adults can bring along some Jello shots and biodegradable cups. This will help you build relationships with fellow rafters and add to the overall ambiance of the experience.


Bring a Water Bottle

Bring plenty of water on your float, as being thirsty while floating the river can be an unpleasant experience. A sturdy water bottle is recommended, though hydration packs may also be beneficial for those who don’t drink much on a regular basis.


Remember to bring swimsuits and shoes suitable for the riverbed, as well as sunscreen. Additionally, using a rash guard when wearing other clothing on the trip is recommended; this will protect against chafing against your tube or raft.