Mystic Quarry Texas Glamping

3 Reasons Why Mystic Quarry Campground Will Please Everyone in Your Tribe

Texas Hill Country

For most people, the mere mention of the word, “camping” elicits one of two reactions: Either, “Right on! When do we leave?” or “Ugh. Why should I give up my comfortable bed to go live in nature?” Good news: Mystic Quarry resort-style campground can satisfy each of these types of people (and everyone in between).

Located in the community of Canyon Lake, just a mile from the Guadalupe River and a stone’s throw from the lake, sits Mystic Quarry. The first of its kind in the area, Mystic Quarry is modeled loosely after such campgrounds as El Cosmico in Marfa. The owners, Jim and Courtney Trent, both avid outdoorsmen and campers, left high-octane, stressful careers in pursuit of a more meaningful existence and more time spent in nature....