Best Eats around Canyon Lake

When your camping or glamping, grilling and/or picnicking is a big part of the experience. Sharing food with close friend and family under the night sky spurs on great conversations full of hilarious stories and heart-warming memories. We are lucky to be a part of these small gatherings even if it's just listening to the gentle laughter float in the air throughout the park.

Camping trips are also full of activities like swimming, hiking, playing sand volleyball, bocce, washers or horseshoes. Sometimes, the cook needs a break and that’s when it is time to checking out local restaurants.

Imagine you are having so much fun at Mystic Quarry, that you don’t want to leave to grab a bite, but you also don’t feel like cooking, no worries because Wicked Good Pizza delivers! Our go-to pizza is a classic pineapple, jalapeño and pepperoni – plus extra cheese and cooked to a crisp. 830-960-3695

Goofy’s Bar & Grill is another great option that is just a hop, skip and a jump away from MQ! A classic bar for a burger, wings and fries; it is also a great option for call ahead take out that you can bring back to the camp. 830-964-3888

If you plan to get out and about, try these options for satisfying your hunger before a long float or day on the lake.

Street tacos are a great quick option to fuel up! Grab a bag of tacos from one of our favorites, Mimi’s Tacos, especially if you are headed towards the other side of Canyon Lake. 830-935-2081

Don Chente also makes super speedy, delicious tacos at a cute little food truck just past River Road non FM2673. 830-302-9124

If you are looking for a nice sit-down meal that will impress the family try Gennaro’s Trattoria offering a variety of Italian dishes made to order from an award winning establishment. Everything from pizza, pasta, seafood and wine is top notch... Yum! 830-899-2800

Gristmill is another must-see favorite in the area. It is located in the heart of Gruene, with tons of outdoor seating, fresh cocktails and Texas inspired meals. You can’t go wrong taking your tribe to this famous dining spot right next to historic Gruene Hall! 830-625-0684

Before you head home from Mystic Quarry consider a sit-down meal for breakfast. Recount experiences, share photos on your phone and make plans for your return trip while you dine in breakfast classics or artisan eats at one of these Canyon Lake landmarks.

Granny D’s is a breakfast tradition in these parts. They have the best home-style breakfast including biscuits and gravy and larger than life pancakes! It’s right down the road from Mystic Quarry and has been featured by San Antonio food shows Elder Eats and Neighborhood Eats. Pro tip: Plan for a long wait on Sunday mornings, but well worth it. 830-964-4677

Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Grill is open morning till night! Their menu has decadent bakery goods, brunch, lunch and dinner options. They have unique and delicious options in a cozy environment. Be sure to snap a picture at the Canyon Lake mural! 830-964-2159

If you’re not finding what you are looking for, just stop by the office and ask our front desk staff for suggestions!