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First Time Camper? See 4 Must-Haves for Your First Camping Trip

Your first adventure in camping can be an intimidating experience. Although camping is usually a fun excursion, poor preparation can result in an unhappy trip. Packing a few essentials, including entertainment for the whole family, can make your camping trip a success.


During the day, there's plenty of activities out in nature to enjoy, from hiking to fishing. When the sun goes down, however, boredom may begin to set in. Plan ahead for the doldrums by bringing along games that can be played with the glow of the campfire. A simple deck of cards, for example, offers ample gaming options. Board games without tiny pieces that can get lost easily offer another good option. A book of ghost stories or camp songs can also keep everyone entertained.

First Aid Kit

Injuries while camping are not fun and can dampen the experience. If you have a first aid kit, however, you can take care of minor wounds so that the fun can continue. Common camping injuries include burns, bug bites and blisters. A good first aid kit should include bandages of varying sizes, disinfectants, scissors and gauze. Keep your first aid kit handy by packing it in a backpack every time you leave the campsite.

Food and Drinks

For new campers, knowing how much food and drink to bring can be challenging. Writing down a meal plan is the best way to go; you'll be certain that you have enough food for everyone in your group. You'll need to spend some time finding recipes that are camp friendly, such as burritos cooked in tin foil or pancakes. Don't forget to bring lots of snacks, including beef jerky, candy and nuts. Hydration is essential when you're camping; some campgrounds like Mystic Quarry offer fresh water, but it's a good idea to bring plenty with you.

Good Shoes and Layered Clothing

Sandals may work just fine when you're in the city, but you'll regret that shoe choice when the first rock lodges itself under your toes while you're on a hike. Instead, opt for comfortable hiking shoes with thick soles. You'll also want to bring plenty of socks in case a pair gets soaked when you're traversing a river. It's also important to put some thought into the clothes you bring on your trip. Even if you're expecting warm weather, temperatures can drop unexpectedly at night. Bring clothes that are easy to layer as the temperature demands, including jackets and fleece vests.

About Mystic Quarry

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