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MQ: The Perfect Place to Try Solo Camping!

Have you been wanting to keep social distancing but wanted a change in scenery? Or, maybe you have been wanting to try out solo camping but are a little nervous to give it a go.

Mystic Quarry (MQ) is a great place to say so-long to any solo camping fears!

MQ is a unique camping experience because you get the best of both worlds. Call it “glamping” but having a clean bathhouse is a huge plus. On-site laundry can be helpful if there is any unexpected rain. The general store is handy for any forgotten items like bug spray, firewood, propane, ice and beer of course.

Along with these amenities you still have the serene, back-to-nature, camping experience. Our primitive camping sites are secluded but still close to the amenities. Enjoy a campfire, star gazing and falling asleep to the sound of chirping cicadas.

We also have a super friendly staff -- who always lend a helping hand to new campers. Need ideas for where to explore during the day? Stop by the office. We love interacting with our guests, and yes, even while having to wear a mask!

Ready to start packing? Check out this handy list to make sure you have all of the essentials.

Please also check out our Mystic Quarry COVID-19 Statement to see what we are doing to keep you safe.

We hope to see you around the campfire soon!