My 3 Favorite Things about Wurstfest…. Besides the Beer

New Braunfels’ Wurstfest is an experience like none other. Here are the top 3 reasons why you shouldn't miss this unique German celebration. Catch a ride with our shuttle service and join us at the festival this year from November 1-10!

I went to college in Austin, Texas, so I have seen my share of festivals – mostly music events – and they were all a great time. That said, New Braunfels’ Wurstfest is an experience like none other.

Wurstfest offers a unique immersion into Central Texas German heritage as well as an excuse to drink a stein of your favorite German beer!

Here are the top three reasons you shouldn’t miss Wurstfest this year:

1. The Food

Food is in my top three because it pays homage to the spirit of Wurstfest’s modest beginnings back in 1961. The festival was the brainchild of a city meat inspector who thought the town of New Braunfels should celebrate and honor sausage. I couldn’t agree more.

Wurstfest offers a wide variety of vendors serving German and Texas food. There is a sausage sampler you can’t miss. The vendors serve up 5 varieties on a stick with a hot roll. Its spicy salty and juicy goodness, no bun required.

2. The Music

In-between the copious amounts of food, music is a big part of the festival and Wurstfest does not disappoint. Forget the standard rock-n-roll or country featured at other events. Wurstfest sticks with traditional German-style polka sprinkled with a dash of Tejano. Before you dismiss the idea of live polka, let me assure you there is no happier music on the planet. Recent Wurstfest celebrations include a squeezebox showman who’s energy and passion will have your shoulders bobbing and your feet waltzing. The smiling is infectious and soon you will be grinning with old and new friends alike.

3. The Attire

Match the theme of the lively German music and play dress up as a grown-up! There is genuine reverence for attendees who don the lederhosen, dirndl, and alpine hat. Those that attend year after year become easily recognizable with their hats covered in coveted pins and feathers. The more the better. I am just getting started on my collection but I have my very own hat complete with a feather.

As for arriving to the party, we have you covered! Mystic Quarry offers a shuttle service in our 14-passenger van to and from Wurstfest. Take full advantage of the festival and indulge with friends before returning to the Mystic Quarry campgrounds after the celebration.

I suggest you add a feather in your cap this year and experience Wurstfest 2019. Mark your calendars and join us at Mystic Quarry for the “ten best days in sausage history” - November 1-10!