Although we did not build and renovate the resort with weddings in mind, a few clever brides saw potential in the rustic, woodsy portion of our park (typically used for tent camping). And, boy, were we impressed! Mystic Quarry has hosted 3 weddings in the last 2 years. The couples and their families provided the seating, decoration and food. Mystic Quarry provided the venue, lodging and sometimes a little muscle. These were very much DIY weddings that were perfectly suited to each couple:


The "Bohemian Camping" wedding featured a tie-dye party and tent camping for the younger guests. Grandparents and mom stayed in the modern tiny houses on property while the bride and groom spent their first night as husband and wife in a tipi. Friends of the groom provided music and mom created the cake.

Toscano Wedding 2.jpg

The "Bumble Bee" wedding celebrated an online romance that started on the app Bumble and took advantage of all things related to bees - honey, flowers and farmers market-style place settings on picnic tables. The bride and groom did all their own homemade decor including round twig orbs filled with fairy lights and hung from the pavilion ceiling, twinkle lights in the surrounding oak trees as well as beautiful flower arrangements made from - of all things - felt. Guests departed with tiny jars of honey.

  • Toscano_09.jpg

The "I Can Love Again" wedding for a couple who found love through the tragic shared experience of losing a spouse. These two are both in the hospitality business and created a simple, yet elegant outdoor chapel with rented white chairs and the natural arches of the trees. The celebration moved to a large tent with cafe lighting where guests danced and dined into the night.

Looking into the Future ....

It's only getting better. We are adding a new waterfall feature that will be completed by next Spring (if not sooner) that will feature a walkway along with seating areas for guests. We are also adding more unique lodging including 2 more Sioux style glamping tipis and 3 new safari tents - yes, they have A/C :-) These accommodations also provide an eclectic backdrop for your outdoor celebration. And even though we don't plan your wedding for you, we are more than happy to offer suggestions for catering, music and rentals.

Be unusual. Be yourself. Be happy. Let your imagination and creativity turn Mystic Quarry into the perfect venue for your intimate outdoor wedding.