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Concerts and Events in Canyon Lake, Texas

One of the best things about camping is getting out to explore the surrounding area. While the landscape is stunning, the Texas Hill Country is known for far more than just its beautiful terrain. This area also boasts some of the best live music in the state, in venues that range from historic to hip. Plan a stop at one of these must-visit spots during your next trip.

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Camping doesn't have to be uncomfortable with all the new Glamping options available across the country, and we at Mystic Quarry think that the Texas Hill Country is one of the best places out there to go glamping. Whether you're just passing through, or you're looking forward to an extended stay, Texas glamping is at its best at Mystic Quarry. Read on to learn more about the Texas Hill Country, Mystic Quarry's glamping options, and the best times to explore this beautiful area.

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A Look Back at 2018

2018 is almost over and, as many do, we look back at the fun-filled times we shared with our guests. It goes without saying, Mystic Quarry guests are the best group of vacationers around – making the most of our beautiful rivers and lakes, connecting with friends and family over a shared meal, or laughing uproariously around a campfire, or dancing like there’s no tomorrow at a live show or playing games into the wee hours of the morning. We absolutely love all our guests that help Mystic Quarry come to life. Thank you for choosing to stay with us!

While the Beautiful Hill country scenery is reason enough to come visit Mystic Quarry, we’ve added even more family-friendly incentives with onsite festivals and entertainment…

RV Camping in Canyon Lake, Texas

RV camping isn’t confined to just summer months, especially in the Texas Hill Country where mild temperatures can be expected nearly year-round. Whether your idea of a winter adventure involves hooking a prize catch or urban exploring, our RV campground is an ideal basecamp for any RV campaign trip.

That said, it’s important to be prepared before setting off on your winter camping adventure. From inclement weather to an impromptu dinner of rainbow trout, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite winter camping tips to help you prepare for your winter RV camping trip.


If you’re heading to Mystic Quarry for your Texan vacation, you’ll be near Wimberley, TX, a charming town in Texas Hill Country. Wimberley and its surroundings are known for their natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a rich local culture of wine and food. Consider taking a day to explore this friendly town, and read on for just a few activities you and your friends can enjoy.

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At Mystic Quarry, we have tons of on-site amenities, activities, as well as secluded spaces surrounded by beautiful scenery - you may never want to leave the campground. However, many campers may want to take advantage of nearby events while here, knowing that they have a peaceful, quiet place to come home to at the end of the evening. If that's you, then you should consider a few can't-miss annual events that take place near our Canyon Lake campground.

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Gruene, Texas is a district in New Braunfels located on the scenic Guadalupe River, between San Antonio and Austin. Visitors come from all over Texas and the U.S. to see this historic town with its rich German heritage. From dining at the famous Gristmill to learning how to two-step at the Gruene Hall, learn more about just some of the attractions in Gruene, Texas.

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Do you love the idea of getting back to nature, but don't like the idea of traditional camping? Would you enjoy everything about a vacation in the great outdoors, except for the prospect of waking up stiff as a board from sleeping on the ground?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then Hill Country glamping could provide the ideal getaway you're looking for. Glamping can provide the best of both worlds: comfortable accommodations and modern day conveniences, all located in a beautiful natural setting. See just a few reasons why you should consider a glamping retreat for your summer vacation this year, and contact Mystic Quarry to learn more about our luxury camping accommodations.

Wineries in Texas Hill Country

Situated on bluebonnet-spangled Edwards Plateau, the Canyon Lake area is rightfully known as the brightest jewel in the Texas Hill Country landscape. If you're a wine aficionado, you're in luck -- some of the Western Hemisphere's best wineries are located deep in the heart of Texas. Following are three must-visit wineries in Texas Hill Country within easy proximity of our Canyon Lake cabin rentals.

Roasting Smores at Mystic Quarry in Canyon Lake, TX

Are you and your family planning a visit to the unique and beautiful Texas Hill Country? If so, you're in luck - the area is chock-full of opportunities for real family bonding, the sort that will engage every family member, from the tallest to the smallest. Read on for details about some of the best Hill Country family activities, and stay at Mystic Quarry for easy access to all the fun!

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Your first adventure in camping can be an intimidating experience. Although camping is usually a fun excursion, poor preparation can result in an unhappy trip. Packing a few essentials, including entertainment for the whole family, can make your camping trip a success.

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At Mystic Quarry, our beautiful modern campground has all the amenities you didn’t want to leave at home, and more. From TVs to kitchens, our accommodations offer a comfortable camping experience in a unique, relaxing setting full of ways to recharge and reset. From engaging attractions both on and off-site, to the great staff, you’ll create memories that are impossible to forget.

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Your next reunion should be held at a place with not only the lodging you need, but with experiences and amenities that lead to laughter, joy, and lifelong memories. At Mystic Quarry, our Canyon Lake campground is the perfect setting for reunions of all kinds. Whether you're bringing your family together or reconnecting with your college roommates, we've created a unique place to relax, rewind and enjoy each other's company. See just three reasons why you should book your next reunion at Mystic Quarry, and contact us today to see how we can accommodate your group.

Spectacular Weekend Getaways of Texas

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At Mystic Quarry, the wide open spaces, mild temperatures and nearly endless entertainment options of the Texas Hill Country make our Canyon Lake RV park and campground one of the best options for Winter Texan rentals. From a variety of lodging options to our long list of amenities and nearby attractions, there are so many reasons to make Mystic Quarry your home away from home this winter. Read on to learn more about our rental options (just select the image), and contact us today to get more information about our winter rates or see rates under the accommodations section!

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WELCOME to Mystic Quarry’s first quarterly newsletter. First and foremost, we’d like to thank everyone who stayed with us during our first year in Canyon Lake. 2017 at Mystic Quarry has exceeded our expectations in every way. This may sound like a bit over the top, but we could not ask for a better group of vacationers – playful concert goers, fun-loving family reunions, rollicking river tubers, bubbly girl groups, exuberant kids and their parents, plus the quiet introspective travelers. We love you all because Mystic Quarry comes alive through your eyes. Select the image to read the remaining content.

Tent Camping on the Guadalupe River

USA Today

...Camping is an astonishingly popular summertime activity. On summer holiday weekends — Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day — many if not most campgrounds are filled. Those that accept reservations are booked months in advance. But weekdays are busy, too.

According to the 2014 American Camping Report which was prepared by the Outdoor Foundation with help from outdoor retail giant the Coleman Company, 41 million Americans went camping in 2013. That’s 14% of the United States population...

RV Park New Braunfels

CNN Money

...Sales of recreational vehicles are at genuinely never-before-seen record levels. And buyers are getting younger. The RV category includes both motorhomes and trailers of all sizes.

Last year, 430,000 recreational vehicles of all kinds were sold, according to the RV Industry Association, an increase of 15% over the year before. And sales have been rising year after year following a one-year decline in 2009, during the financial crisis...

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KW New Braunfels

The summer is in full swing, and tourists are pouring into New Braunfels like hipsters into a music festival. Cluttering the launch area are droves of wild, sunscreen-covered, sweaty travelers who probably didn’t make room for any food inside their tailgate-sized ice chest. And while the tourism industry is good for the town, the crowded Comal can be frustrating for locals who just want to enjoy the beauty of New Braunfels in peace...

Tiny House Campground in Texas

San Antonio Tidbits

New boutique camping concept Mystic Quarry offers teepees with Wifi, dog-friendly cottages, tiny houses and other options for glamping. Float the river, sit by the campfire or visit the on-site chicken coop...

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If you’re going camping this summer, will you rough it on a wilderness hike, or relax in a yurt at a four-star resort? In the late nineteenth century, the tension between savoring the wilderness and recreating civilized life outdoors was very much on the minds of the first recreational campers, as Phoebe Kropp explains.

After the Civil War, camping went from a necessity for soldiers and transient people to recreation for the upper-middle-class. Kropp argues that Victorian-era campers were playing around with the concept of comfort. For the upper-middle-class, keeping a comfortable home—rather than an impoverished or luxurious one—was a sign of respectability. But being “too comfortable,” or over-dependent on civilized society, was a danger...

Guadalupe River Tubing and Camping

Eater Austin

Summer’s here, and it’s high season to partake in the time-honored Texas tradition of tubing the rivers. But where should everyone refuel after that arduous water journey down the San Marcos, Comal, and Guadalupe rivers? Luckily, there are many options (with sweet, sweet air conditioning) near the popular starting points in New Braunfels and San Marcos (allowing everyone to float with cans of preferred beverages, boozy or not)...

Mystic Quarry Texas Glamping

Texas Hill Country

For most people, the mere mention of the word, “camping” elicits one of two reactions: Either, “Right on! When do we leave?” or “Ugh. Why should I give up my comfortable bed to go live in nature?” Good news: Mystic Quarry resort-style campground can satisfy each of these types of people (and everyone in between).

Located in the community of Canyon Lake, just a mile from the Guadalupe River and a stone’s throw from the lake, sits Mystic Quarry. The first of its kind in the area, Mystic Quarry is modeled loosely after such campgrounds as El Cosmico in Marfa. The owners, Jim and Courtney Trent, both avid outdoorsmen and campers, left high-octane, stressful careers in pursuit of a more meaningful existence and more time spent in nature....

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Big World, Small Girl

Just over an hour drive south from Austin city center, is a a small oasis that’s perfect for those who need an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Mystic Quarry is a modern campground that has something for every camping style.

Whether you want to go glamping in Texas or take your RV through Hill Country, this campground is a fun, friendly oasis...

Camp Ground Ownership

The NB Scene

The Trents are up for a challenge. “We were the quintessential power couple,” says Courtney. “Not a power couple – that’s so cliché,” she corrects herself. “But definitely corporate.” When they met in Dallas in 2006, she was a senior manager in banking and insurance, while Jim was a Silicon Valley executive. “She was constantly being called to New York,” he says, “while I was pulled to the West Coast.” They married in 2009 without slowing down. In 2012, Jim moved to California, while Courtney stayed behind in Dallas to see the two youngest of their five children through high school.

By all accounts they were ‘successful’, at the pinnacle of their careers, when they paused to discuss their future. “It was my birthday,” says Courtney. “October 27, 2015. I told Jim that all I wanted was for him to take a half day off work to go with me on a short hike. His boss was furious that his phone was off; they were working on a merger, and his time was valuable.” ...

For the entire story,...

Airstream RV Camping Canyon Lake

Go RVing

Americans, it seems, have been destined to be RVers since the earliest days that explorers set foot on this continent. Adventurers at heart, settlers came in search of freedom and opportunities to grow and discover. And discover they did – first by ship, then by horse, in groups by Conestoga wagon trains and, ultimately, by motorized vehicles that ushered in the RVs of today...