Camping Packing Like a Pro

Planning a camping trip in Texas, even when you booked a glamping pod or a spot on an RV resort at Mystic Quarry in San Antonio, still means packing your stuff. Packing and unpacking could be challenging when you have kids, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Here are some tips to make packing less stressful. 


Go for Make-Ahead Meals

Cooking all your meals while camping can make the trip less fun for everyone. To make meal preparation easier, prepare meals in advance and pack them in the ice chest with other cold foods. Reheating food is more convenient than cooking from scratch which means more free time to bond with family and friends. 


Follow a Checklist

What you need to bring during a trip depends on the places you want to explore or resort activities close to the camping grounds. If you’re booking accommodations in an outdoor resort, you can skip the tent and some additional items. To make sure you have everything you need, check what you packed against a checklist. You can give the checklist to your kids and make them pack their gear, just be sure to double-check. 


Use Smaller Containers

Packing your stuff becomes harder when you’re bringing bulky items. Refill Tic Tac containers with the spices you need and label them properly. Use travel-sized kits for your hygiene items. By repackaging some of the items you need, you can bring a bit of everything while conserving space in your backpack. 


Evaluate Your Gear Before the Trip

When you have plans to go camping, you need to set a day before the planned trip to make sure your camping equipment is in good shape. Check the expiration dates on items like bug spray that you rarely use. Clean your stove and the ice chest, sharpen the ax, find your multitool, and check if all the parts of your tent can stand another camping trip. Don’t forget to replace dead batteries and refuel stoves if needed.  


More often than not, last-minute preparations lead to many inconveniences which could ruin the camping trip for everybody. No one wants to lug a heavy backpack, even just for the weekend. You want to pack light and stay organized so it’s easier to find the items you need. 

If traditional camping is too inconvenient, opt for glamorous camping spots. For camping trips in San Antonio, book your camping trip on the Canyon Lake campgrounds in Mystic Quarry ahead of time and ask us what you need to bring for your trip.