Great Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Camping

No matter your beverage of choice, camping makes for the ideal opportunity to experiment with non-alcoholic cocktails that make traveling and storage simpler.


Mulled Cider

Mulled cider is a timeless classic that’s great for relaxing around a campfire. It’s also economical and simple to prepare. Teetotalers may want to omit alcohol altogether, but adding in a shot of rum or brandy will take this beverage up a notch!

Make this cider using any apple cider with a strong apple flavor, preferring one with whole spices rather than ground ones for quick preparation. Cinnamon sticks and nutmeg can also be stored easily in a resealable plastic bag to help save time!

Pour the drink into a reusable glass or plastic bottle for easy camping drinking. Add rustic style with cinnamon sticks as garnish!


Virgin Bloody Mary

For easier camping trips and campfire cocktails, why not prepare and bring pre-mixed cocktails instead of packing full bottles? Doing this will save space in your cooler while also making life simpler at campfire parties!

Virgin Bloody Mary’s are classic camping cocktails that are easy to prepare, and perfect for any camping trip. A bloody Mary can be adjusted according to personal taste – from spicy or milder – while both look beautiful as their colors blend and come together into what resembles an orange sunset skyline.


Virgin Mule

A Moscow Mule without alcohol can make an excellent addition to any party (like a baby shower) where non-alcoholic beverages are required. Simply substitute citrus juice or puree with ginger beer as your base drink and garnish it with mint leaves that you lightly bruise before placing it into your hand to release their essential oils for an added burst of fresh flavor and aroma.

Lemon, ginger beer and pineapple combine for an irresistibly tropical cocktail! Enjoy this delightful drink while relaxing by the campfire.


Coconut Water Mojito

Even non-drinkers can enjoy an invigorating beverage around a campfire, and this coconut water mojito recipe will certainly do just that! Make this cocktail easily and with just a few ingredients; plus it won’t increase your calorie count as significantly.

This alcohol-free Cuban cocktail is sweet and creamy with tropical coconut notes – making it the perfect cocktail to serve at your next backyard party or family picnic! Simply garnish it with mint leaves and lime wedges!


Golden Milk

This simple recipe Golden Milk recipe only requires minimal ingredients and steps for optimal results! Top it off with some whipped cream or toast your marshmallow for the ultimate camping drink!

Alternatively, experience De Soi’s non-alcoholic aperitifs to add something deliciously healthy and refreshing to your campsite experience. Their drinks contain natural adaptogens like maca, ashwagandha and rose petals – perfect for anyone seeking delicious beverages with health benefits! Their products can be ordered online (inside the United States).


Hot Cocoa with Nut Milk

Hot cocoa is the quintessential campfire drink, offering comforting indulgence and satisfying satisfaction all at the same time.

Store-bought cocoa can be tasty, but making your own adds more of your personal flair and allows you to tailor options for every palate in your camping party. This recipe for vegan hot chocolate uses coconut milk for an ultra-creamy and decadent texture perfect for campfire-side consumption.

Prepare the dry ingredients early, then store them in an unbreakable jar such as an old peanut butter jar. When it’s time for you to enjoy, warm some up before pouring the mix into a mug with several toasted marshmallows for a unique treat!