How to Grow Your Own Garden in Your RV

Not having a piece of land to grow a garden is one of the biggest downsides to RV living (and there are not many). But don’t let that stop you from actually having a garden! You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to take a garden with you on the open road. Grow your own produce on the go without having to always hunt for a produce shop when you need some fresh fruit and veg.


Container Gardening


This gives you the opportunity to have homegrown, fresh from the vine produce anywhere you go. You can actually grow produce in small containers, and one big advantage is that there are virtually no weeds to pull. An even greater advantage is that they are portable! Meaning you can move them anywhere there is more sunlight. And yes, that also means when you are on the road. There is also less worry about pests when your plants are mobile. All you need is soil, plants, water, and a good container.


How to Choose the Best Container for Your Mobile Garden


Ah, the age ol’ question. Well, you’ll need a container that is compatible with your RV lifestyle. For example, you can find portable planter boxes specially designed to be stored on an RV bumper, and also window boxes made just for RVs. If you like to DIY, save your large coffee tins and repurpose them as gardening containers. Heck, a few RV owners have even gone so far as to use over-the-door canvas shoe organizers as planters!


When you are parked for a time, hang your plants from the awning, or set them outside, then position them for the best sunlight. Be sure your containers have good drainage so that you don’t drown your plants. For best results, line your containers at the bottom with stones so that the root system is supported. Lastly, ensure the containers are appropriately sized for the plants you are growing.


Compost and Water


Got food scraps? Don’t we all! Put them to good use by turning them into nutrient-rich soil for your garden on the go. Enter what is called vermicomposting, also known as worm composting. Simply use a container and partially fill with shredded newspaper and leaves. Then add food waste, then red worms (found at most plant nurseries) to the mix and they will get to work breaking down the matter, converting it into rich, fertile soil.


For those times your supply of fresh water is limited, harvesting rainwater is simple and relatively inexpensive. Use your RVs awing catchment area to filter water into a container. You can also utilize drip spouts, downspouts, and gutters. Collect the rainwater directly into a container to be stored and used later when your plants are thirsty!


Best Stuff to Grow


There are a few plants that grow better in containers than others. When selecting which produce to grow, again, the size of the container is everything. But here are some ideas:


Fruit: Strawberries are great for smaller containers, which makes them great for RV travel. Other fruits that require a bit more space but are still good for growing on the go are tomatoes, raspberries, blueberries, figs, and plums.


Vegetables: Mushrooms are a big thing nowadays, and there are plenty of varieties you can experiment with. Spinach and lettuce follow close behind. Then there are peppers, summer squash, potatoes, and cucumber that do very well in containers.


Herbs: Oh, so many herbs to choose from! It’s like another world opens up to you when you discover the wide and varied number of herbs at your disposal. Add some fresh flavor to your meals with favorites like sage, thyme, basil, cilantro, oregano, and rosemary.