How to Make Money as a Full-Time RVer

Full-time RVers often lead a unique lifestyle. Without a fixed income and constantly on the lookout for ways to make extra cash, full-timers must look for ways to generate additional revenue while on the road.

Many people enjoy the freedom of traveling, but worry they won’t have enough funds to support themselves while doing so. When considering living out of an RV full-time, it is crucial to carefully consider how you will support yourself during this journey.

Many RVers have found ingenious ways to fund their travels! Here are our favorite strategies for making money as an RVer.


Freelance Writing

Freelance writing can be an incredibly lucrative means of earning extra income while living the RV lifestyle. Some writers can earn up to $50 an hour writing blog posts, technical documents, or business writing for clients. For this, it’s helpful to have some writing background, and offer your services on world-wide freelance apps such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Online teaching and tutoring are another viable means of earning income while traveling. To succeed in this endeavor however, a strong internet connection must be available along with an appropriate workspace such as an RV dinette or bedroom in which to work from.

Freelance editing can be another successful means of earning income while RVing. With your adept command of grammar and spelling skills, this can be both rewarding and flexible work.


Selling Books on Amazon

Selling books on Amazon is an ideal way to generate extra income while you travel or are stationed somewhere. Using tools like Best Sellers Rank (BSR) to identify likely bestsellers can help you identify profitable titles – typically, anything below 100,000 BSR indicates popularity. There are many ways of cheaply procuring books to sell. Here is a good guide on the subject.

For those seeking something more hands-on, many farms and campgrounds provide seasonal jobs for RVers to work at their site. The National Park Service hires seasonal workers at their restaurants, lodges, and campsites as well.


Blogging and Web Design

Launching and marketing a blog is another effective strategy to make money while living the RV lifestyle. Blog topics could range from beauty, parenting and travel; with enough reach you may even attract companies offering sponsorship deals which could prove highly lucrative. Affiliate marketing can also provide substantial returns in income potential.

Experienced web designers can work remotely from an RV. Your clients may pay you to design and update their websites. For this, you will need some experience and a way to market yourself, either via your own website or through freelance websites such as Fiverr.


Camp Hosting

Camp hosting is an excellent way to meet new people while making some extra cash while living the RV lifestyle. Many campgrounds will allow you to park for free each week in exchange for doing a small amount of work such as cleaning and maintaining facilities.

As a seasonal worker, you could also secure jobs at amusement parks, pumpkin patches and Christmas tree sales. With your own car/truck and willingness to deliver goods via apps such as Door Dash, there may even be delivery opportunities.

Do you have a hands-on creative streak? Crafts can be sold both online and at local craft shows and fairs.


Selling on Etsy or eBay

If you’re an accomplished photographer or craft maker with handmade creations, consider opening an online store on Etsy or eBay and selling your wares there. Or become an influencer by accepting sponsored posts or promoting affiliate products and earning a fee per post/promotion.

Have a background in mechanical or electrical work? As a contract mechanic or inspector for other RV owners, this might be an opportunity to make extra cash. Or, become a Workamper, someone who works seasonal jobs at RV parks in exchange for free camping spots. Or use your handyman skills by offering your services to local businesses and neighbors as a handyperson.


Using the Wonolo App

The future of working is here! Wonolo is a marketplace for you to find potential employers. You will be joining a large community of like-minded people who want to find short-term jobs. Based on your interest, skills, and availability, this is a great way to earn extra income and not be tied down to a long-term assignment.

For example, if you enjoy talking on the phone, consider applying for remote sales jobs or customer support positions. Such jobs provide the perfect balance of solitude in your RV while still engaging customers regularly. Thumbtack is a similar website that is a bit more geared to professionals that you may want to check out.