How to Turn Your RV into the Perfect Adventure Basecamp

With so much magnificent natural ground to cover in the United States, it’s no wonder so many RVers decide to outfit their RV into an adventure basecamp. But what does this mean, anyway? Well, it means exploring the remote areas and wilderness near wherever you may be setting up camp.


Oftentimes, in order to do this, adventurers need to leave their RV in a secure spot for a few days to explore places where an RV simply cannot go. Using your RV as a “basecamp” is great because you can get within close proximity of your adventure destination, have the supplies and equipment ready in your RV, and then take off and go.



The Ultimate Launchpad

Airstream has sort of cornered the market on this with their “Basecamp” model, perfect for the active and outdoorsy crowd. But the reality is that you don’t have to spend over 40 grand to get their fancy product, you can use your existing RV (or a more affordable model if you don’t already have one).


Any home on wheels will do, but RVs are the ultimate rolling launchpad. It’s a home stocked with all of your favorite gear, as well as a cozy respite to return to after a day of exploring the backwoods. Whether rain or shine, snow or sun, all you need is to outfit your RV and go.


Having an RV basecamp means you can drive anywhere in North America and have unique adventures. The journey is so much more epic if you drive rather than fly in with a heavy gear bag. In this way, the comfort and convenience of your RV is even better than returning to a traditional home – because the adventure never has to end.


With the increase in popularity of remote work, more RVers are adapting a similar mentality, with storage space for their outdoor toys. We’ve seen everything from folks towing large toyhaulers holding OHVs, to vanlifers with kayaks on top and bike racks on the back of their rig. It’s all about figuring out how to blend the best of your work and play ethic. Consider having any racks professionally installed by an RV dealer if you don’t want to take on the task yourself.



Prep Your RV Right

Depending on where your adventures take you, you can get all sorts of add-ons for your RV. Think solar prep for off-grid trips, off-road tires for backroad driving, and rear and roof racks to haul your sports gear. More importantly, keep your RV outfitted with season-appropriate tires with lots of tread, suitable for wherever you may roam.


For longer stays where you might be off-grid, consider changing out your RV battery with stronger truck batteries that may last longer. Consult your RV dealer for the right batteries for your rig and situation. Also, consider bringing along a generator that will work well with any solar system you have set up. Try to get a quiet generator, as this is a requirement when staying in almost any national park where they have decibel restrictions.


No matter where you go, once you commit to adventure RVing, the freedom to roam will grab you and not let go. With your own backcountry cabin on wheels, you’ll get to do more of what you want, with access to more places and hence, more fun!