“…Success can only be one ingredient in happiness, and it is too dearly purchased if all other ingredients have been sacrificed to obtain it.” Bertrand Russell


At the start of the New Year, there is a renewed sense of commitment to achieve our goals and shed the habits that hold us back. For some, the New Year feels like a promise that life in general can be better if only we put in the effort to work harder and faster so we achieve more. But is success alone the key to happiness?

Getting things done undoubtedly provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment. As humans these days, it seems to be how most of us are hard-wired. When we focus on achievements, we are often focusing on the quantity rather than the quality of the experience. In doing so, we rush through life or criticize ourselves for perceived shortcomings. The days blend together, and our well-being feels out of reach. We track our progress but completely miss being in the moment. We overlook the beautiful subtleties of life, nature and the people in our lives.

Happiness has a lot to do with how we approach the day, not just what we achieve in a day. Joy is found in the relationships we form and keep. Satisfaction comes from the times we give of ourselves for the benefit of others.

We hope that you can keep this top of mind as you settle into this New 2021 Year.