Is Camping the Secret to Better Mental Health? (Spoiler Alert — Yes!)

Green spaces have been growing in urban destinations. Aside from reducing pollution and improved thermal insulation, urban ecosystems improve the quality of life. Many studies suggest spending more time in gorgeous natural areas like the Canyon Lake in San Antonio can improve your mental health. 

Whether you’re pitching a tent, bringing an RV, or glamping in a dog-friendly cabin at Mystic Quarry, you can look forward to receiving these mental benefits from your outdoor trip.  


Higher Energy Levels 

Nature has restorative properties. One study suggests that camping resets our biological clock, so when you’re camping, you tend to sleep better and wake up earlier. This change could help improve your focus and energy levels. When you feel unproductive and ineffective at work or school, camping could be a reset button you need to up your game. 


Reduce Mental Fatigue

The pandemic forced us to stay at home with phones and technology. Being online constantly could take a toll on our mental health. Camping sites often have limited service, so you will be forced to focus on present activities rather than spending your time scrolling mindlessly on social media. Being forced to leave your phone behind could ease mental fatigue and improve your emotional well-being.


Hikes Set In a Better Mood 

City dwellers often struggle with depressive moods and rumination. A Stanford study reveals that spending more time outdoors can reduce negative and obsessive thinking that could trigger mental health issues. Spending a few minutes out on a walk could reduce symptoms of depression. Science agrees that time spent in nature could improve both your mood and cognitive function. 

Nature provides healing and restores your soul. If you’re taking a much-needed mental break, go for a camping trip that brings you closer to nature. You don’t even have to do traditional camping to feel the healing power of the great outdoors. Glamping pods and tiny vacation homes in Mystic Quarry could provide all the modern conveniences you need while you’re on vacation. Book your stay today!