Maximize Your Camping Experience With Meditation (And, Other Reflective Activity Ideas)

Camping may evoke physical activities like hiking, trekking, or swimming, but you can take camping trips to a new level by introducing meditation. When you’re surrounded by natural landscapes, it’s easier to enter a state of mindfulness and connect with the environment. So, when you book with Mystic Quarry in San Antonio, enrich your weekend getaway with resort activities.


Find a Spot to Breathe

Look for camping or glamorous camping sites close to natural parks and lakes that offer a serene spot with gorgeous scenery

Find a comfortable position and breathe in the fresh air. Pay attention to the movement of the air into your body. For starters, you can practice the 4-7-8 breathing technique where you inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and release it in eight seconds. Breathing techniques help your mind calm down and improve your sleep.   


Be One with the Earth

Grounding or earthing involves direct contact with the ground. Studies suggest that skin-to-earth contact like walking barefoot or lying on the ground allows you to come in contact with the earth’s electrons. As a result, you could experience reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, relief from chronic pain and fatigue, and reduced sleep disturbances. 



Many temples and meditation centers are in the middle of a forest or wilderness because it’s easier to enter a mindful state when surrounded by nature. Meditating in the middle of the woods or a scenic place could produce more effective results in refreshing your mind and body. 

When camping, you can meditate while sitting or lying down, or by taking a mindful walk. Simply being in the present moment and watching plants and animals as you walk helps you take control of your thoughts and achieve a sense of tranquility. 


Forest Bathing

The Japanese practice of forest bathing could help you take in nature’s therapeutic benefits. This practice involves going into the woods and using all your senses to soak up the forest atmosphere so you can benefit from the calming effect of nature. A study reveals that forest bathing reduces aggression, psychological stress, and depression. It can also improve your vigor and sleep. 

When we’re always in a rush to get things done, we often miss life’s subtleties. When you’re out camping, give yourself time to be in the moment and focus on yourself. An outdoor resort such as Mystic Quarry in San Antonio allows you to stay connected with the rest of the world while making the most of your outdoor adventure. Book your stay today, and be sure to add meditation and other reflective activities to your camping itinerary.