MQ Summer Newsletter

A female country singer posed in front of a Mystic Quarry tipi.
Country music star Laney Wilson at Mystic Quarry. Photo credit: Alex Trevors (stx_photog)

Have you seen the new website -

Mystic Quarry has a sleek new website thanks to countless hours put in by the team and our new website host, Marketing360! For those who are not in the tech world, switching website platforms is a huge undertaking but a perfect time to make improvements.

Besides the new eye-catching display, the new site is more user-friendly, so you can quickly find what you are looking for, whether it's checking out the new Glamping options or checking the Music Under the Stars schedule.

When you book online you are even able to pick the exact site you want, by booking via an interactive map. We'd LOVE to hear your feedback, check out the new site, and tell us what you think!


What's New At MQ?

A modern bridge on the property of Mystic Quarry.

Check out the landscaping and our brand-new bridge! One of long term partners (Newberry Landscaping) did all the landscaping and concrete staining around the waterfall - her company also did the bocce courts and our front entrance, not to mention planting many of the new trees located throughout the resort. The cedar and metal bridge was done by two additional partners (Authentic Construction and Atomic Construction).  Authentic did all the concrete around the entire waterfall feature and Atomic did all the metal for the bridge, the walkway and the railing.

This peaceful spot quickly became the hangout zone for the dogs of Mystic Quarry. Next time you're here, be sure to check it out with your four-legged friend!

A wood and steel bridge at Mystic Quarry.
A footbridge outside Mystic Quarry.

If you follow us on social media, you've probably noticed the Safari Tents and Lodges are complete!

The Safari Tents come stocked with: a hammock, charcoal grill, fire pit, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, mini-fridge, coffee maker, seating area, two twin beds with the option to make it a single King size bed. You'll never want to go back to ‘ol camping again!

The Safari Lodges are the ultimate 'pinkies out' glamping experience. With a private bedroom, A THREE-PIECE RESTROOM, mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, living room area, covered porch, propane grill, and a propane fire pit. If you want to rent one of these beauties, stop reading and give us a call, because they are booking fast!

Safari tents at sunrise at Mystic Quarry.
A view of a Mystic Quarry accommodation with a view of the bed.
Inside a Mystic Quarry safari tent with two single beds.

Really, A Reality Show at Mystic Quarry?

A family posed outside their RV in Mystic Quarry.

Oh, and did you catch us on TLC a few months ago? The Outdaughtered family came out for some family fun last summer, with their episode airing on March 9th, 2021. The Busby family came to the Texas Hill Country for their first camping trip with the quintuplets. They rented RVs, enjoyed floating the river, swimming in the pool, and playing with the chickens. You can sign in with most TV providers for free access to the episode- check it out!

Kids feeding the chickens at Mystic Quarry.
A group of small kids gathered in a golf cart outside a Mystic Quarry tipi.

OMG, Laney Wilson Played at Mystic Quarry

A female country singer dressed in western wear.
Alex Trevors (stx_photog)

Country singer, Laney Wilson, took the MQ stage providing an intimate performance for the first annual Hive Tribe Women's Retreat hosted by Lil' Bee's Bohemian. This performance kicked off their collaborative, redneck-chic fashion line! The Hive Tribes' weekend at Mystic Quarry was rainy, but the fun was contagious with all the  music, laughs, and dancing!

A group of women in western wear drinking beer.
Two women outside at Mystic Quarry by the lasso game.
A group of women dressed up as cowgirls outside at Mystic Quarry.

Sweet Summer Time

We are back in the swing of Summer y'all! That means we got you covered for floating the river. We partner with Whitewater Sports to provide our guests with a safe, convenient ride to and from the river. We have scheduled shuttle times that is included in the ticket price and gets you the VIP treatment once you arrive at Whitewater Sports to get you directly into the water.

Whitewater Amphitheatre is back in full swing, so ride in style with on the MQ shuttle! We offer at least two arrival time options (when doors open & 15-minutes before the show starts), and simply shoot us a text when you are ready to be picked up! At $10 a person, it sure beats paying for parking and having a safe ride back to MQ! No need to book ahead- simply sign-up at the front desk the day of the show!

A parked Mystic Quarry shuttle.
The interior of a Mystic Quarry customer shuttle.
A group of people in swimsuits in front of a Whitewater Sports sign ready to go floating.
Mystic Quarry Under The Stars summer music lineup flyer.

Sweet Mystic Honey Available Again!

A person holding a jar of Mystic Honey from Mystic Quarry.
Beekeepers outside tending to the bees at Mystic Quarry.

Our bees have been hard at work resulting in our largest honey harvest to date! Our honey is raw, filtered with a screen only and has a beautiful caramel color and distinct taste profile that is a little less sweet than the stuff you get at the store. The darker color is due to the oak and cedar (juniper) trees our bees pollinate in the area. Honey is believed to help with seasonal allergies as you are ingesting pollen in small doses making your immune system less reactive to allergen triggers. So stop by to pick up a jar of this local, free-range, organic deliciousness!


"The most wasted of days is one without laughter." -E.E. Cummings

This is your reminder to prioritize FUN!

A father and daughter grilling at Mystic Quarry.
Guests having fun and playing games at a Mystic Quarry campsite.

Note from Jim & Courtney

Multi-generational guests in front of a Mystic Quarry tipi.

It has been so refreshing seeing the smiling faces of our awesome guests! After the last year, it brings us so much joy seeing you reconnect with your friends and loved ones. We feel honored that you choose Mystic Quarry as the place for your reunions, much-needed relaxation time and as the place you are making memories.

We enjoyed our own family reunion and 1st birthday party for our grandbaby Noah. Having the family together, even for just a few days, filled our hearts!

A father with his small child outside at Mystic Quarry.
A senior gentleman holding a baby in front of a Mystic Quarry tipi.

We also took a trip to Tennessee for 20 Group ARVC Meeting (National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds) and stayed at a very cool resort called Little Arrow. (The 20 Group brings no more than 20 campground owners together to discuss campground operations, trends and successful ideas that have worked at another park in the USA). We recommend trying out Little Arrow if you are exploring the Great Smokey Mountains!

A bird's eye view of the Texas Hill Country surrounding Mystic Quarry.
Outside in front of a luxury lodge at Mystic Quarry.
Outdoor RV grounds at Mystic Quarry.
Outdoor seating on the deck of a glamping lodge at Mystic Quarry.

With utmost respect and appreciation to our unbelievable, professional and quality staff, we have been able to spent a little less time on-site, which has been an unbelievable blessing after 4-1/2 years! We are staying busy with our ongoing projects at MQ and, of course, planning for future additions (think treehouses!!).

Thank you to everyone that supports Mystic Quarry! We cannot tell you how many guests find us by word-of-mouth, which means so much to us. The reviews, social media posts, rocking our merch and everything else you all do helps us tremendously. Thank you!

Happy summer, everybody & we hope to see you soon!