Oh, The Places You’ll Go…. RV Camping Adventures You Have to Try

Sales numbers for RVs saw record highs following COVID-19 shutdowns. If you just bought your first RV, you need some RV(ing) wisdom to get you started and a list of RV destinations. If you’re in Texas, many adventures await you from Houston to San Antonio, and we’ve rounded up a list of RV parks from Space Center RV Park to the fabulous gem, Mystic Quarry RV resort.  


Space Center Houston RV Park

The Space Center is where astronaut training happens. As the home of NASA and International Space Station mission controls, the Space Center is a fun and educational destination for families to experience. Located about ten minutes away from the Space Center in Houston, the Space Center RV park provides various shops and dining options. 


Fredericksburg RV Park 

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg RV Park is an RV camping resort located a few blocks away from Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas. The small historic district with a German heritage provides many adventures. You can take walking tours, go shopping, or simply enjoy local food with friends and family.  


Mystic Quarry

Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Canyon Lake‘s beauty can help you unplug and simply enjoy nature. When in Canyon Lake, you can park your RV at Mystic Quarry. This RV park and campground also offer dog-friendly cabins for rent, glamping pods, and even tipis. A popular spot for floating, Horseshoe on the Guadalupe, is close by as well.  


Taking out your new home-on-wheels for an adventure provides much respite from the new work-from-home setup. If you’re new to driving an RV, don’t forget to practice before you embark on your next trip. For first-time RVers, ask for help from other RV campers if you need it. If you’re choosing an RV park for your first camping trip with your new vehicle, find parks with staff who can assist you. 

Get in Touch with Mystic Quarry in San Antonio, TX today if Canyon Lake is the first stop on your RV trip.