Planning Your Camping Activities With Your Dog

Camping provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. You may not be the only one tired of the daily grind — your pup may also be itching to go on an adventure. Fortunately, places like Mystic Quarry in San Antonio welcome four-legged family campers in some of their tiny vacation homes, as well as the dog-friendly cabins for rent.  

Unlike regular camping trips, camping with your dog means designing activities not just for humans, but also for your pet. Here are some ideas:  


Explore Nature Parks

Camping provides many opportunities for you and your pet to bond with each other. You can go sightseeing with your pet and explore the world together. Your dog could discover many interesting things that may even surprise and amuse you. Exploring a new environment is a fun experience for both humans and dogs, but be sure to keep your dog leashed all the time and make sure your pet is wearing an ID tag. 


Go for a Nature Hike

High energy dogs can be your companion when hiking on nature trails. Plan walking trips depending on your dog’s health and energy. Consider taking high-energy dogs on a half-day trail or a run, but be mindful of your pup’s condition. Pack your hiking gear along with your dog’s to make sure you have supplies for you and your companion. 

Smaller dogs can still go on a hike, but you may have to bring a dog carrier, in case your pet becomes too tired to continue with the hike. 


Do a Scavenger Hunt

When you’re out camping with your dog, you also want to prepare resort activities they enjoy. If your companion loves digging, a scavenger hunt could be enjoyable for both of you. Bury rubber toys, rope tugs, and other items but be mindful of other guests in the campground. 


Go Kayaking or Canoeing

If your four-legged friend is calm and obedient, you can consider riding a canoe or kayak together. Don’t forget to bring water, treats, and a life jacket for your pet. Unfortunately, if your dog is not one to sit still or resist the temptation to jump into the water, consider other activities.


Bringing your dog on a camping trip adds another layer of adventure for both of you. Before booking your stay, be sure to check if the campgrounds are pet-friendly and have facilities for pets. 

In San Antonio, book your stay at Mystic Quarry Resort if you’re looking for dog-friendly cabins for rent. This boutique campground has a dog wash, dog-friendly trails, and restaurants that allow pets. Schedule your stay early, especially during summer!