Relaxing While Camping With Kids — You Can! Here’s How

Disconnecting from daily life and bringing the kids on a camping trip may sound fun, but it can be stressful to parents. Screaming and bickering could happen while you’re doing last-minute packing. Making plans ahead, like opting for glamorous camping rather than pitching a tent, when staying at a place like Mystic Quarry in San Antonio could go a long way. Here are some tips to make camping trips less stressful for everyone. 


Have Alternative Shelter Plans

Pitching a tent makes for an interesting family activity, but an unexpected storm can ruin the experience. Looking for glamping pods or tiny houses for rent near your location could be useful, in case you need a backup plan. Considering glamorous camping could also be an option if you’re worried about sleeping arrangements, bathing, and toilet facilities. Wet wipes, sanitizers, and kid’s portaloo can help, but having the facilities you need close by makes camping more relaxing. 


Don’t Stress Out About Ruined Plans 

Stick to your home routine as much as possible, but if you can’t, don’t stress too much. Your kid’s sleep schedule should adjust when you’re back home.  

When you’re out camping, don’t expect kids to follow their normal sleeping schedule. Campfires, resort activities, stargazing, and many other things could disrupt your kids’ sleeping routine. Just in case the weather takes an unexpected turn, plan activities that kids can do indoors.  


Teach Kids Proper Camp Etiquette

Kids will act their age in campgrounds, and you want to set ground rules to reduce the yelling and shouting. Every time you go camping, refresh your kids’ memories on camp etiquette and camp safety. 

Encourage kids to maintain space between other campers, staying quiet when they wake up early, and not running through someone else’s campsite. Don’t forget to teach the young ones about fire safety and fire areas, as well.


Camping can help your family bond and teach kids to be independent. At the same time, you want them to stay safe so remind them of the do’s and don’ts in camping, make sure they wear the right safety gear, and give them a walkie-talkie for faster communication when needed. Don’t forget to book your stay at Mystic Quarry ahead of time if you’re in for glamorous camping or staying at an RV resort in San Antonio with your kids.