When you read the reviews for Mystic Quarry, two things are always mentioned: 1. Our fantastic staff, who really are top-notch, and that our park is clean!

As the bluebonnets start to bloom down on Hoffman Lane, it must mean it is that time to dig into spring cleaning! So, we thought we would share some of our favorite housekeeping products and some tips to get the best results!

1. Glass Cleaner:

Sprayway- every day, 1000%, this is the only glass cleaner we use! The foam spray lifts smudges, works great on glass, black appliances like the ovens in the Tiny Houses, and much more. The key to clean glass also is using lint-free paper towels!

2. Stain Fighters:

Mrs. Stewart's Bluing this stuff works wonders on white laundry because sometimes you need more than bleach. The key to using this product is to mix it well with some bleach, add it into the washing machine's water, and THEN add your laundry. Never put the bluing solution directly into the wash or on top of the laundry.

Spot Shot is our go-to for any stains on carpets & furniture. We love this product because you don't need to scrub it like most carpet cleaners. It foams when applied & works instantly.

3. Disinfecting Products:

Vital Oxide is the solution we use in our disinfectant fogging machine- we use this every day to sanitize public spaces like the office and laundry rooms. It releases tiny particles into the air to disinfect the air & surfaces. While it is impossible to "see" this product working, we can report that we have maintained a healthy staff throughout the year (thank goodness!).

Our other disinfectant of choice is Gonzo- it cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes. We like this product because it is tough on germs but does not seem to rust surfaces like cleaners containing bleach. We can't decide which we prefer, the orange or lavender scent! You will have to let us know which you favor!

Happy Cleaning Y'all!