The 4 Best Camping Gadgets To Take On Your Next Trip

Elevate Your Camping Experience

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At Mystic Quarry, we encourage you to glamp as much as possible, but even if you are camping in style, there are some neat gadgets to bring along that will make your outdoor vacation even better.

Happy, smiling women and man with headlamp flashlights while camping at late evening.


Whether you’re camping in a cabin or a tent, it’s hard to see at night. Almost all of us have been blind in the dark at our campsite once the fire goes out. Headlamps are a convenient and compact solution to that problem. They’re easy to pack, and some are even solar powered, meaning batteries won’t be an issue either. Even the most experienced glamper should invest in a headlamp for their next outdoor retreat.

Mystic Quarry coffee mug in front of a morning campfire.

Portable Coffee/Espresso Makers

Do you struggle to function without coffee first thing in the morning? We sure do! Which is why Mystic Quarry includes coffee and coffee makers in our tiny homes and glamping lodges. We want to be sure you enjoy your time outdoors to the fullest — no grumpy bears allowed! If you opt for RV or tent camping instead, you should look for portable coffee and espresso machines to bring along. They’re specifically designed to be compact, with carrying cases included.

A blue force field protects happy campers from mosquitos as they sit around a picnic table and tent at their campsite.

Mosquito Repellers

One of the most dreaded parts of camping is mosquito bites. The outdoors would be much more enjoyable if those pesky mosquitoes would go away! Plus, you don’t want to run the risk of catching any diseases that mosquitoes are known to carry. Luckily, there’s some options beyond bug spray to help. Portable mosquito repellers are small, pocket-sized devices that create a 15′ barrier that wards off mosquitos and lasts for 12 hours at a time. 

Metal showerhead surrounded by trees.

Outdoor Showers

Showers are pretty essential for optimal comfort while you camp. Glamping in an RV or cabin makes showering easier, but even with these luxurious amenities, it’s good to have a portable outdoor showerhead with you, too. Outdoor showers are especially handy for getting mud and dirt off of your body or shoes before going inside. Some only need so much as a bucket of water to convert into an outdoor shower, or you can attach it to your RV hookups.

These camping gadgets will truly elevate your camping experience. For a glamping trip unlike any other, stay in a tiny home or dog-friendly cabin at Mystic Quarry in Canyon Lake. We take glamping to the next level with luxurious accommodations and amenities. Book your stay now!

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