Unplug to Recharge — Weekend Camping Revitalizes Your Soul

Bathing in the morning sunshine in the middle of the woods and hearing chirping sounds in the morning instead of the hustle and bustle of the city could be what your body needs to stay in top shape. In San Antonio, you can do all these things at Mystic Quarry — a glamorous camping destination that caters to the modern lifestyle. Aside from much-needed time outside, spending time in an outdoor camping resort brings all these benefits.


Improves Self-Awareness

It’s easy to lose a sense of self when you’re always chasing deadlines or swamped with chores. When you’re out camping, even just for a weekend, you can focus your full attention on yourself. This self-awareness allows you to understand your motivation, feelings, character, and desires so you can work on your flaws and become a better person. 


Relieves Stress

According to studies, spending more time in nature can soothe your stress. Spending more time outdoors and even having indoor plants to bring greenery inside your home can improve your mood. When you’re feeling swamped and overwhelmed, camping trips and nature hikes could help relieve the stress. 


Hiking Releases Happy Hormones

Camping trips provide many opportunities to go on a hike. Walking along a natural trail could provide much-needed fresh air and a change in scenery to recharge your tired mind and body. Exercise releases endorphins to put you in a better mood, and hiking on nature trails makes it easier to keep your mind off stressful things like work or bills. For a while, you can stop worrying about problems so your soul can breathe a breath of fresh air.


Disconnect Yourself From Notifications

Not only do notifications disrupt your sleep, but they can also drag down your overall health. Camping, even just for the weekend, gives you the downtime your mind and body need. Time away from phone notifications, whether it’s for work or from family and friends, helps you refocus, improve sleep quality, and overall well-being.  

When you feel pressured, you can find yourself tired even if you get enough sleep. When you’re at this point in life, what you need is probably a break from daily life. A weekend spent camping in Mystic Quarry, an outdoor resort in San Antonio, could be the break you need to nourish your soul. Book your stay today and start planning a weekend just for yourself and your well-being.