What is Glamping?

An elevated camping experience with the luxuries of everyday life

If you enjoy the great outdoors, but aren’t particularly thrilled with the primitive tradition of sleeping on the hard ground in a tent while being vulnerable to wildlife and weather elements, then you’re the perfect candidate for glamping! Glamping is simply “glamour camping” where you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for spending time outdoors.

Inside view of a glamping safari lodge at Mystic Quarry, with two twin beds and nice furnishings.

Incredible Destinations With Luxurious Accommodations

Glamping allows you to escape the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life as you escape into nature, while still allowing you to enjoy the comfort and luxuries you’re used to (like showers and electricity). While glamping, you’ll still experience incredible destinations such as Mystic Quarry just outside of San Antonio in Canyon Lake. With 22 acres of land, beautiful hiking and bike trails, a swimming pool, volleyball court, bath houses, and multiple accomodation options, Mystic Quarry is the perfect destination to escape, even if only for a few days.

Fun & Unique Offerings

When you choose to glamp, you get to experience the outdoors while staying in modern, comfortable living spaces of all different types. At Mystic Quarry, we offer several glamping accommodation options, including glamping lodges, tipis and tents. Our glamping safari lodges are 16’X20’ pods with a raised deck, plush queen sized bed, mini-fridge, air conditioning, and full bathroom. If you’ve never experienced sleeping in a tipi, you’re truly missing out. Glamping tipis (or teepees) are an ideal blend of enjoying the stars and sounds of nature and sleeping off the ground in a comfortable bed while also having access to kitchen appliances.

Two glamping tipis lit up at night at Mystic Quarry.
An aerial view of the office area at Mystic Quarry, which has the general store, a swimming pool, a volleyball court, and two horseshoe pits.

Beyond The Essentials

At its core, all you need to successfully camp is some sort of lodging structure, food, and water. Those are essentials for everyday life. When you’re out in nature, you want extra protection from things you aren’t usually used to, like bugs and wildlife. It also shouldn’t be too much to ask that you continue to enjoy running water, or at the very least, real toilets that are flushable and sanitary. When you glamp at Mystic Quarry, you’ll enjoy amenities that go above and beyond the essentials with air conditioned cabins, televisions, a general store for essentials and merchandise, and even dog parks for our four-legged friends to enjoy.

Fun for Everyone

Glamping takes out all of the burden of camping. Kids, elderly parents, and dogs alike will all enjoy their glamping experience at Mystic Quarry. With loads of activities to enjoy like swimming and bocce ball, along with the comfortable, modern accommodations we have available, there’s something that everyone can enjoy on our property. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in nature, or an adventure-packed outdoor exploration, Mystic Quarry has just what you need.

Large family grouped together outside of a tiny home at Mystic Quarry.

Glamping is more than just camping — it’s a lifestyle. Who says you need to sacrifice comfort and amenities to spend time in nature? We believe you should be able to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, which includes maintaining the comfortable lifestyle that you’re used to. Take in the best of Texas Hill Country and glamp at Mystic Quarry today!