Why Summer 2021 Is the Summer of Camping

After being cooped up at home because of the pandemic, everyone wants a break. Even with vaccines available, there are still social restrictions, but at least now you may go camping. Following health protocols is still a must, but it starts to give us some sense of normalcy. 

If you’re up for a trip in San Antonio, glamorous camping or staying in an RV resort at Mystic Quarry could be the long-awaited getaway you need from the world. 


Enjoy Fresh Air

You have probably spent months inside your home or traveling only to your workplace or the grocery store because of the pandemic. When you’re living in a city, it’s hard to breathe or move freely and safely. Camping allows you to take in the fresh air and forget about the world’s problems for a while. Taking a breather, even for a weekend, renews your spirit.


Reconnect With People 

Camping is a team-building activity. Whether you’re out with family or friends, it helps solidify your bonds. Camping makes it possible to talk about things without constant distractions. Natural settings also provide a much-needed change in the environment. When you can’t see notifications on your phone, you can spend some time away from technology, even for just a few hours.  


Soak Up Nature’s Healing Power

The past year has been stressful for everyone. Government-mandated lockdowns, business slowdowns, and layoffs have been keeping us on tenterhooks. 

Going out of your home and spending more time with trees, animals, and vegetation helps you loosen up and relax. Hikes and physical activity could also trigger the release of endorphins, your body’s natural painkiller, so you are in a better mood. 

Once in a while, you need to leave the bright city to enjoy the sounds of nature and bask in starlight that heals your mind, body, and soul. Camping provides a welcome break from technology that most of us have had to work with daily for the past months. Limiting access to technology helps improve your overall quality of life. But if you can’t do without modern amenities, book your stay with a glamorous camping site like Mystic Quarry in San Antonio that allows you to savor the natural environment without going off the grid.